Tendering Documentation 

Virtual Builders offers a complete tendering package for the Builder. We will prepare a thorough set of documents to allow you to confidently sign a building contract with your new Clients.  

Our package includes: 

  • Concept plan

  • Cost estimate

  • Architectural specification

  • Construction methodology and sequence

  • Calculation of working days

  • 3D Presentation model


Important information such as site works, tricky access and complicated building details will all be identified and included into the cost plan.


We take the guess work out of a project, include any contingencies and give you all the information to offer an accurate tender document to submit to your client.


Virtual Builders Australia provides a detailed take off of your plans, presented in professional easy to read documents, that include both a Bill of Quantity and a Specification for materials, products and trade works.


All costs are broken down into individual items and listed in the respective cost centres. At Virtual Builders, for easy understanding, all of our documents follow the logical building sequence. 


We can apply your supply rates to the measure, or you can use our rates to compare and bench mark against your sub-contractors or suppliers. We have trade prices from Australia's largest suppliers to the Building Industry to ensure our rates are current and applicable to your region. 

Our documents are issued in formats to best suit your business, including, Word, PDF or Excel a


You can rely on Virtual Builders Australia to deliver sound, practical and accurate advice in relation to the measurement and forecasting costs for new construction.


3D Modelling

Construct-ability review and Pre-construction Modelling of a project is beyond the standard practice for architectural design.


The architect is concerned with client objectives, desires and budget; space layout and flow; aesthetic intent; as well as code compliance and planning department requirements.


We virtually build the building exactly as we would in the field, this gives us the most accurate prototype before construction has even commenced. Along this path from review to model, plan mistakes, omissions and system clashes are discovered. These issues are simply not found in the typical process of architectural design.  

At Virtual Builders, we're changing this process. With more than twenty years' field construction, we have seen and resolved, many construction issues like those you face almost daily on your projects. We found, not surprisingly in retrospect, that when modelling the structure and systems of the project, those very same hidden issues that we would have encountered during construction are right there in the model. The advantage is, finding these issues during the modelling process doesn’t cost money and time to correct, since the issues get resolved well before construction commences.


We are able to help the custom home builder gain a better understanding of the construction aspects of the project, resulting in a smoother construction schedule and significant savings by flagging potential issues long before they are ‘in-place’ problems.  To view samples of our 3D modelling, click here


Owner Builders

Save time and money and invest in a professional estimate to ensure an no-surprises, stress free project.  


Knowing the quantities and costs of your project from the outset, you'll be able to effectively manage the process of engaging Subcontractors and suppliers and feel confident in negotiating supply and installation prices to best deliver your project.



At Virtual Builders we can prepare a detailed specification.


This important document allows all stakeholders to review the take off and actually see what has been allowed. If the Project Architect has already issued a specification with the plans, we incorporate this into our documents.  

Our specifications set a very clear base line for any future variations to the contract, this becomes very important in what can be a tricky process at times.

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